Bagcilar lunapark

  • Thursday 12th April 2012

Bagcilar Lunapark was on Malcolm Marr’s Google Earth project as a new park, so I thought I’d check it out. On arriving, i discovered the park is no more. There were only a few signs indicating that there was once a park here. The rides have been moved to another location a few miles away.

Children's play equipment at Bagcilar Lunapark.

Toilets with Disney characters painted on the wall. Another indication there used to be a park here.
The rides used to be on the left were there now is empty land.

Cleared land with mosque in the background.

   I met a nice gentleman who was having a drink in the park’s cafeteria. He drew a route to the new location, where the rides had been moved, on a Google map. I thanked him kindly and took this photo of the map on his laptop. With these directions, I headed toward the new destination.

Passed a fruit and veg store.

Half an hour of walking later bought me to the intended location :-)
All the rides were thrown onto a car park tarmac.

The rides previously at Bagcilar Lunapark.

The main reason for coming need to shout....i know it's shameful!!!

Nessi coaster

More thrill rides.

With the coaster ridden it was time to make a move to the last stop of the day.....another park, a very new park actually. "Landora Temalı Park"

I passed Otogar, Europe’s largest bus station, on my way to Landora Temali Park. A word of warning: I walked from the Forum Shopping Mall to the park. On the map it looked fairly simple—just walk under the freeway and over to the park—but I failed to recognize that the park is on a hill and the approach to it is not straightforward. You have to walk a long way around to find the right path leading uphill to the park. The Ora shopping outlets adjacent to the park are planning to provide a shuttle bus from the Otogar station in the near future. Until then, if I ever find myself going back to Landora Temali Park, I’ll just take the Metro to Otogar (line M1) and then take a taxi to Landora Temali Park.

The Vekoma junior coaster at Landora Temalı Park.

The park was not open during my visit and they wouldn't allow me to walk around and take photos either.  

Perfect excuse to go back i guess.

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