Florya Lunapark

  • Sunday 15th April

This park is next door to the Istanbul Akvaryum. It is small, but it has a decent number of rides aimed at families. Unless they are visiting with kids, coaster enthusiasts will struggle to spend more time than what’s required to ride the pink-tracked Dragon Coaster. The brightly painted train has a pattern that resembles a gun. I wonder who the genius was who thought of this design for a children’s ride.

Directions to the park are the same as for the aquarium next door. Take the Suburban train from the Sirkeci railway station all the way to Florya station. From there it’s a 20-minute walk back in the direction the train came from, passing the aquarium.

Enter through here to get to Florya Lunapark.

Exercise equipment by the sea. If this was in China, the older generation would be happily exercising away on them.

Sea front

Entrance to Florya Lunapark.

Ticket counter, refreshment stall and vending machines.

Dragon Coaster is a wacky worm, operating since 2011.

Mini wheel.

Children's car track.


Viking the swinging boat ride.


Go carts

Seating in front of the crazy dance ride.

  Swinging chair ride.

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